I paid for a whole year and you tell me that I have to pay back?

On Monday I paid for the FULL YEAR plan and I keep getting emails telling me I have to pay and I still get payment attempts on my card !! because??? the last email told me that if I don’t pay you will deleted my account !!!

Did you steal my money?

Hi @miticobeppe :wave: :wave:

The best solution is submit a support ticket.

Thank you :innocent:

I have already submitted a ticket and emails and withdrawal attempts continue to arrive !!! In the last email it says that if the next attempt fails, the account will be deleted !!! I CANNOT ALLOW IT AFTER I HAVE PAID 400 DOLLARS !!! WHAT RACE OF SERVICE IS THIS?

One of the Adalo Team member will reply you in here or in the ticket.

Thank you

Hi Mitico,

Sorry for this. I have brought this up to the Adalo team’s attention and will try to get this resolved ASAP.

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Hi there,

I have responded to the email that you sent in :slight_smile: Rest assured, we are not charging you a second time!

We can continue this discussion on the email thread. Please let me know if you do not see the email from me.




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