I see the rich text is here!

Nice! What next Adalo?


Shh… announcement coming soon for custom fonts! (We’re just doing some final testing now before we let everyone know!)


Woop, woop! Just noticed, too! Awesome :star_struck:

You guys roll out so fast, really amazing work. Thanks for the hard work.

Sorry if I ruined the gift. You can delete my topic :slight_smile:


Let’s go!!!

Any hint when we can get IAP? I think its much more needed then custom fonts :frowning:

@pushingpandas IAP is coming along well! We’ve been working on that at the same time as Custom Fonts (we just happen to finish Custom Fonts first!)

In terms of a sneak peak into timing, we’re currently making sure the IAP component gets approved by Apple & Google in an actual app so that we know it works with their systems before we release it, so it’s most certainly in the works right now. (I’m nervous to promise a timing tho because it’s hard to guesstimate when integrating with 3rd parties but we know it’s important to a lot of our makers and we’re working on it.)


Awesome news David. Thank you for the feedback.

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