IAP Problem, HELP!


I want to install the IAP collection, but I dont know who to uodate the user to take profit of the premium sections.


My intention is to get access to ppremium people to messages, chatroom and old that. Can somebody help me please??


At what stage are you stuck?

The solution would be to create a column on the Users table (Premium: 0/1) or table (Insert with state), indicating whether the user is premium or not.

When confirming payment, you update this information.

Then create a different home page:

  • One for non-premium users
    This will contain in menu only the pages for non-premium users.

  • One for premium users:
    This will contain menu links to all the pages (including premiums).

Depending on the user’s premium status, you are shown a different page. Those who are not premium will never have the possibility to access / know the premium pages.

You can also add security on premium pages, by checking the member’s status and if it is premium. Display different content depending.

I hope I have been clear and have been able to help you.


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a column? What do you mean?

It will be too difficult to add new home screen because my app has a lot of screens.