How to update user for sections?


I want to intall the IAP extension. For that reason, the logged in user need to be updated in some way. Can somebody tell me how to do this??

For example: premium section only available for Premium Users. So, logged in usee need to be in that way. How to do it???

Thank you

Hey, I wrote a post on this a while ago. This works for my case and enables a trial if you wish. It was also accepted by Apple/Google etc :slight_smile:

Im not sure in what do you mean in that answer. I dont know if it possible to show some screenshots… im comfused…

Every screen in Adalo has an Action you can set when a user arrives to any screen. Therefore;

  1. Add a “Plan End Date” date Field to Users Collection.

  2. Set up an action on your premium screens to Redirect to a Paywall (iApp Subscription Payment Page with iAp component) (sometimes if > current user > plan end date > is before current date/time. (This is just a basic check if the user is pro or not.

If User plan end date is before current time redirect to pay wall you create.

3.1 If payment is Successful on Paywall page > Update Logged in User Plan End Date > (+ any number of days from current date/time. This basically gives the user time for their premium content.

There’s probably loads more way to do this, but this is quite easy to implement…

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Thank you so much!

Just to know. To relise a beta for testflight is necessary to pay adalo suscription no?

Yes, you need to have the iAp component on atleast one screen and your app submitted to the Appstore Test flight.

Few things to look out for to ensure Apple approves your app is:

  1. Make sure you have a list of all subscriptions readily available for your users (like a membership page). Similar to your PayWall membership list only available all the time.

  2. Also make another list of the memberships the current user has bought maybe in current user settings page, even if it is expired, as Apple require ability to Restore/Renew previously purchased products. To do so set up a relationship between Users & Products/subscriptions.Adalo help covers this well. Rename the Buy button iAp to Restore/Renew. (Spell it out for apple)

  3. Make sure you use non recurring subscription iAp type as Apple will fail your app if you use consumable for this type of “Semi Subscription”. As I qoute they told me this deceives customers.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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