IAP+Subscription Component via IAPHUB

Here is the error I got back:


Okay, sku not for sale means the component product ID is not what is in the playstore for some reason. Can you check the android product ID in your adalo collections to make sure there is no hidden spaces before or after. Sometimes when you copy/paste an extra space is added. Maybe even, for testing, add an input field on the screen with the magic text to what you are using for the Android product ID and preview it (no need to build) to make sure the Magix text is properly giving the Android product ID.

Double checked the product ID’s everywhere I could think of and still the same result.

I’m not sure what you mean by the TS part. I dont have the product ID in a collection, it’s just inputted into the component.

Ahh… okay, can you make 1 more test. Use the old IAP from the marketplace, configure it with the same product ID and see if that works.

I have used this on Android before and it works (in the video) so I am not sure why it does not work for you yet.

We’ll get it sorted I’m sure.

Neither button does anything for me.

I MIGHT have found the problem. Apparently Google has not verified my bank account for payouts, this may be causing the issue, but i’m not 100% sure yet.

That would not be the problem as I have not verified my bank payouts either. There must be some other configuration missing in the play store config. Let me check my project out for a possible cause.

  1. Did you set up Pricing Templates?

  2. I assume this is sandbox account, not real money. Did you set up License testing?

  3. Did you set up testers?

-Could not link my subscription to a template, I think this is for non-subscription products only.

-Did not have any license testing set up, I set up a test users with the RESPOND_NORMALLY response, this could be it, maybe it takes time to go through? I tried it initially after the setup and it did not work still.

-Yes testers are setup.

Okay, I believe the issue could be license testing, odd that it gave an sku error though. From the phone, open the play store (the real play store) and see which user is logged in. That user must be the license testing user (so if you have the play store as your personal account, don’t add your business account as a license tester, use the personal account)

Will do. Just checked the account on the play store and it is the same account as the licensed user, but still doesnt work.

Still no luck. I’m thinking of just deleting that subscription inside of Google Play and creating a new one.


I made a new subscription inside of the Google Play Console and gave it a different name and it’s working now. Maybe google/IAPHUB didnt like that the two product IDs were the same for Google and iOS.

Happy to hear it is working. I will run some more tests because the same product ID should work just fine.


If you get a free minute or two, can you explain how to set this up?

One thing I havent gotten too good at yet is API’s and Custom Actions.

I just need a way to check if the user is still subscribed or not, and if not set their VIP boolean to false in the user collection.

Hey Bobby, can you ping me tomorrow about this. I believe I facilitated the ability to check from within the component but I will need to double check.

Sure thing.

Cant wait to use it…


Would you by chance be able to go into a bit of detail on this subject?

I need to see if a user is still subscribed and also use that return as a conditional visibility for some areas. Maybe an expiration date or something.

Sorry for the delay, I reviewed the video and I think I intended webhooks to solve this, HOWEVER, what I will do is add a new component to the IAPHUB package that will allow you to pass in a user and a subscription code and it will fire an action telling you if it is active or not. Then based on the return of the action you can show or hide a component.

I’ll bang out the update this weekend now that our marketplace is back online

Amazing! Thank you.

I tried Adalos beta component, but I cant get it to work properly.