In-App Purchases Just Dropped!

:rotating_light: NEW FEATURE ALERT!

Single Use In-App Purchases are here!

In-App Purchases is a payment option for digital goods in native apps in the app stores. Digital goods are anything that is consumed digitally, think:

:unlock: Unlocking Content

:busts_in_silhouette: Coaching Sessions

:old_key: Accessing Premium Features

:shopping_cart: Removing Ads

Sold on adding this to your app?

Check out our help documents to follow along & set up your component here:


I was worried this won’t be announced, nice job.

Will this work on web based apps?

Next up, GPS and location awareness for native apps? :slight_smile:


Hey @alexstockman!

The In-App Purchases kit is specifically designed for native apps. If you want to accept payments on web you can use the Stripe component. You can actually use both at the same time, if your app is web & native.

Let me know if you have any other questions :slight_smile:


Omg Thank you. This are awesome news

This is great. Can’t wait to see support on renewal subscriptions and purchase restore feature to bring it all home

Thank you


This is definitely great - unfortunately we need need recurring subscriptions in order to consider the platform. Any plans for that?

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@rover subscriptions will be coming out soon.


@James_App_Maker Any timeframe on the release? This will allow us to assess whether we launch the app with or without it in the coming days.

Thank you and good luck!


Current time frame is 4 to 6 weeks.


Will this be an alternative for us in South Africa?

Does anyone have an answer for this one?

Any news on subscriptions?

@pushingpandas I think it’s coming in a few weeks.

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Hi Guys

Can one use in App purchases for physical products for us who don’t have Stripe support???

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8 day later no help from Adalo team wow let me move back to glide

Hi community,
Any news on this? It’s been more than 8 weeks since we said it would take up to 6 to have this feature released.



All my apps are on hold due the missing element :confused: This cost me money.

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Hi @Repackaged @pushingpandas,

@ben1 will be providing a small update about this soon. :slight_smile:

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