Icon action - delete user list

i need some assistance. a logged in user creates a post that display on a screen, together with other users posts. i want the user to be able to delete his own post on the screen. how would i do this?

Make it a custom list that displays all posts. Then use an icon that has an invisibility rule that only shows when the posting user’s email is equal to the logged in user’s email. Then that icon will trigger a modal that can delete the current post.

There are plenty of youtube videos that demonstrate how to make an instagram app with things like this there. I recommend Michael Ionita (sp) or Patrick Ford.

Hello you can add an icon in the list with an action to (Delete current post), and make it only visible if the post is created by the logged in user.

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Check this out! : https://vimeo.com/808635097 ( what @mrentrekin and @Ali-Bazzi mentioned )

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