Identify New vs. Old QR Codes with QR Scanner Help

I am building an app to store and track items tagged with QR codes. I would like to have a singular QR scanner screen that will direct the user towards logging newly tagged assets if the QR code is new and is not stored in the user database OR directing the user to an Asset Description screen if the asset is already in the database. Is there a way to perform this already?


Hi @mebmoyer

We can help you with the QR code with the QR scanner. Let’s DM me here for a detailed discussion.

Hi Matt @mebmoyer,

Yes, it’s possible to do that. QR code scanner component from the marketplace works in the native apps. The logic will be:

  • you have a QR code scanner on one screen, after scanning the code you store the result in some temporary property (e.g. Logged-in user > ScannedCode) and link the user to another screen
  • on this another screen you will have 2 main elements. First one will be the list of Assets, filtered that Asset > QR Code is equal to Logged-in user > ScannedCode. This list should bring you the item from the database with the same code
  • Another element will be a group where you put texts/buttons to add new asset. This group should have conditional visibility:
    all Assets > Count,
    where QR code is equal to Logged-in User > Scanned Code,
    is equal to 0.
    This visibility condition counts the assets which has the same code like scanned, and if the result is 0 (no assets) - the group to add a new asset will be displayed.

There were numerous discussions about QR code scanners in the forum, you can find some useful info by searching this section. Also there were a few videos published - I did one of them: It’s not a direct answer to your question, but it will help to understand the logic how QR code scanner works.


This is not the first time I see your posts which do not bring value to the discussion, but rather advertise your services. Please make contribution to the community instead of directing users to DM and selling your services.


Thanks for the help on this @Victor ! I’m having trouble setting up this visibility condition that you mapped out. I’m new to Adalo but it feels like I don’t have the ability to set up this many conditions in a conditional visibility but I’m sure its just because I’m new to this. Would you be able to show a screen shot or explain in another way how to set this up? Thanks!

Hi @mebmoyer,

You can have one visibility condition but with multiple filters. However that’s not necessary in this case.
Here is the example from one of the apps I’ve made.

  • Each Box has its own unique ID which is stored in “B-Unique-ID” property.
  • Box belongs to a certain user (but it could be set up differently)
  • I am scanning QR code on boxes with the scanner component
  • After scanning I store the result in Logged-in User → AUX Box QR Scan text property and then I go to the next screen
  • On the next screen I need to display a message if no box with such ID was found in the database.
  • Here is the visibility condition I use:


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