Implementing Static QR Codes & Registering Scans


I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how to make QR scanning for my situation. I’m looking to 1) have a static QR code that represents every store in my database and
2) when users scan that QR code in real life at the store (code will be posted at the register), a confirmation message is given on their mobile device and
3) a “visit” to the store is recognized in my database (assuming visits has to be a separate collection).
4) Additionally, I’d like visits aggregated at the individual user level and at the store level.
Any advice?

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Hi @Emeka,
If the QR code, represents the name of the store or the Store code. You can do the following as an example:

  1. Collection of “Scanned Codes”/“Visits” with fields: “User Email”, “Store Name” or “Store code” depending on what you put in the code.
  2. When scanning the QR code, on the scanner you add an action “Create” - “Scanner Code collection”
  3. In the User Email of the “Create” process in the scanner, you add “Logged in users email” and in Store Name/field, the content (Store name/code) of the QR code will be added there.
  4. Then you can add a “Trigger notification” to Show to user that the Scanner worked and the store is successfully registered.
  5. Since the QR code only allows 1 field, I would add the Store Name in the beginning then a “-” followed by store ID, you will then be able to “split” the text for better Analytics in case you have stores with same name, or just add the address after it to show the location.
  6. For Aggregation (At least from top of my head), You can always make an external call to a tool like Zapier/Integromat in order to update your aggregated data in another collection (Store itself and User itself).
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Hi @JL_LJ ,

This was very helpful, thank you! Follow-up question if you don’t mind. Where / how do I set up the QR Code field and how does it interact with the QR code generator?
I want to utilize your method with the store name and code (for example, HomeDepot-0001,Walmart-0002) but need printed QR codes that represent these so they can be scanned by users in the real world. How do I generate these “static/consistent” QR codes with the generator plugin?

Hi @Emeka ,
In the QR code you see that you need to add the “Data” or “Encoded Data” into the field you want.

In this case your data will be the Store ID as discussed, you will have to create that QR code if you print it physically to add in the store front, you can use something like

And in the free text, you just add the QR Code

Print the QR code, stick in the store and start gathering data :slight_smile: .

If you have gazillions of stores and they are all in your app as a collection, you can always add the QR code into the store listing, add that field into the QR code, and then send the data to a PDF Generator or Image generator to download all of them, this way you don’t need to add 1 by 1.

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You Are Amazing! Thanks for the help here. I’ll need to move my app build to test flight so I can actually scan with the camera but think this will all work for my use case.

Next, I’ll be setting up the visit aggregation so each user can see the list of their individual visits.

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