Image full screen landscape mode

Hi folks,

Anyone knows if it is possible to make an image viewed in full screen and landscape mode?
Thanks. Greg

There are a few ways to achieve this but depending on your situation I would suggest a different way. Is this full screen image on a new screen entirely? Modal? Is there any text/buttons or other components present?

Thanks Colin. It would be an image only with a back arrow.

After some testing there appears to be a bug in switching to landscape mode on the PWA. I need to investigate this further with the team. Sorry for the inconvenience @gregdarebe

OK thanks - look forward to hearing from you

Any update on this? Designed my app to work in landscape and it’s making testing really difficult.

In a browser locked in landscape mode, the preview link just opens the “share this app” page.

It is still in our big fixes queue. It will be fixed as soon as we can.

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