Does anyone have any tips to make images full screen

We have a splash screen when first launching our app which has a full screen photo as a background.
However I’m struggling to make the background image responsive on different screen sizes, does anyone have any hacks or tips on how to do this?

I have a test screen which I’ve dropped an image component on to, then enlarged to full screen (as exact as I can do by zooming in very close) but it doesn’t work (as the screenshot below shows)

I had a bit of a bodge to work around this, which was to resize the image beyond the size of the editor screen, which sort of works…until the size of the phone screen changes then all sorts of strange annomolies begin happening.

I’m figuring that this just isn’t possible at present, but as a last ditch attempt was wondering if someone had found a hack to get around this…?

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I’m away from my computer right now but I think if you click Edit Styles in the screen settings pane there’s an option to set a background image below where you select the colour.

That’s worked for me in the past for creating full screen images.

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I’ve been messing around with this, on and off, for months!


BTW, it works perfectly, I’m just incredulous I didn’t see it there before…would have saved me so much angst not to mention time.
Thanks, appreciate it.

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