Image load time and size for camera uploads

Is there a way to force image uploads to be the ‘medium’ size without needed to select that parameter?

Hi, we already downsize images when they’re being displayed within apps. However there’s currently a bug in iOS that makes some images rotate 90 or 180 degrees when using the downsizing options, so we’ve waited on providing any way to force users to upload smaller images. The issue is similar to this:

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Ok, got it. Appreciate it!

@jeremy Hi - has this new code been implemented? Because right now when I take a picture on iOS with the phone in portrait the picture is uploaded 90degs.

Are you clicking one of the resizing options when you upload a photo? If not, then it should work. But if you’re resizing, it’s still not working properly as far as I know.

@jeremy no I’m just taking the picture and uploading. If I have the phone landscape it works. Portrait and its 90degs out. iPhone 8 with 13.3.1 fwiw

Hi there,

I confirm I experience the same issue on iOS, whether I choose to resize images or not.

So I tried today, it seems the issue got resolved somehow.

Is it possible to downsize images when uploading ? Like Greg asked, is there a way to force image uploads to be small or medium?
I have the problem that if you take a picture directly in the app it always uploads full size - leads to lots of storage and also sometimes images are not saved correctly when the connection is too slow.

It would be possible to force that, but currently there’s a bug on iOS where any downsized images (small, medium) show up sideways if taken in portrait mode. So we’ve been waiting to do anything on this front until this is solved. Maybe with the new iOS 14 beta which will be coming out soon.


How would you force that to make it small i dont care about the rotation

Hi Jeremy, any luck with iOS 14?

Any updates? Right now upload for each photo takes about a minute (2 fields in a form)… this is happening with different phones not just iphone. thank you