Photo resizing when app loads?


I have an image as my background on the opening screen. When the app loads it looks as though the image is resizing to fit the screen.

Why could this be happening and how can this be avoided?

Thanks! :pray:

Hi Lisa,

If I understand you correctly you can choose the way for the image to crop.

That’s interesting - these are the only options I have:


It looks like you are putting an image component on the screen. If you click on the screen name then click on ‘edit styles’ upload an image then you can edit the styles of the image.

Here’s a picture:

Great - thanks. Got this to work (Edit Styles was below the fold so I didn’t initially know it was there). It seems like there is a resizing thing that keeps happening even though it is now set to the background - not every time, but about 50% of the time it looks like the image loads inside from the middle → outwards so it looks like it jumps to expand to fill the whole screen for a split second and then everything is fine. Any other suggestions?

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