Image Modal Gallery doesn't show images

I am a beginner here.

In my collection of Items, each item has multiple images.
I have an image list on the first screen that shows a list of Image 1 of each Item.
Then I have a link from the Image List to an Image Modal Gallery screen.
But it only show grey boxes where the images should be.

When I click on each Image 1 on the first page, I want to open screen that shows all the images of the current item.

I am stuck on this. Could someone help me please?

Post some screenshots from your editor please

Showing collections and the lists concerned

Thankyou for responding, Rozza.

I have added screenshots of the menus from the Image List, Items Collection and Modal Image Gallery.

First I would try renaming the field with special characters. Just have letters.

Thankyou for the advice. Ive renamed the field with special characters - which seems to make a difference.
But I still can’t see images in the Modal Image Gallery screen.

Send me a cloneable link and I will have a look. DM if you prefer.

OK! Thankyou for the offer!

It should be simple but I can’t get it. I want to show all the images from the current item in a second screen.

Here is the link from Share:

I cloned my app.

This should be the link. I appreciate any advice as I am stuck.

Apologies, I had missed your earlier reply. I’ll take a look today.

I cloned this link.

There is no link to the modal image screen.
It also appears that you have deleted a field c_0be3ca… codes like this normally refer to something that has been deleted from your DB. Renaming a field doesn’t affect this (normally, there can be bugs).

If you put a link to the modal screen then you will have ‘Available data’

You then have a list of items, which is not entirely necessary. Because you already have that Item in available data. You risk confusing things and referencing the parent Item rather than the list Item.

I say… scrap the list on your modal screen and ref the image from Available data via magic text

I hope this helps you on your way :slight_smile:

:point_right: :coffee: = :grinning:

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I do really appreciate you taking the time to review my baby app and give me sensible advice.
I won’t forget this!

Thankyou Rozza!

:+1: great. Good luck in your build

And thank you for showing your appreciation with the coffees :+1:. That was very much appreciated :grinning:

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