Image quality dropped unexpectedly

Hi all!
For some unknown reason, the quality of all the images that are displayed on the site and app has decreased significantly. I haven’t taken any action regarding the images. I tried to download them again, but it did not work.
Please help!

This is due to the work Adalo are doing on performance improvements.

  • I mentioned this in a support ticket also
  • it looks especially bad in preview on a desktop computer
  • When you publish to a mobile device it’s improved much better
  • There is a flag that Adalo have coded that looks at the device resolution (in the URL parameter of their images it’s called DP=1, they need to double it to DP2. The performance gains are important but not at the expense of the images looking soooo bad.

Here is the roadmap item they are working on for this:

The dev team is using imgix image hosting service and has implemented compression settings. There is a parameter in the URL string in the image list component called “dpr=1”. This is the device pixel ratio and it works fine when a build is created on iOS set to 1. On a desktop device it needs to be set to at least 2 or the images are too low quality and very pixelated.

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Hey thanks for this feedback. Good catch. We’ll get that bumped up to 2 and things will look better.


Thanks for the detailed answer.
Now it is clear why this is happening.
Can I make corrections myself to improve the quality of the images?

I would like to make a clarification. When you can bumped it up to 2?

Indeed, you are right.
Image quality setting on the site is indicated like dpr=1.25. Ingix allows you to vary this indicator from 1 to 5. I tried to set the value to 5. The quality is maximum, as it should be.

Why not make it so that the user can independently adjust this parameter?
After all, it is critical for users.


DPR 1.25 (default)


You can see the difference

We have also lost the use of other imgix params, like

These seem to be getting scrubbed by adalo in new builds, a direct request to imgix works as do my previous builds.

Can these be unscrubbed so that we can tweak the images from imgix. There are some useful options in their toolkit.

I definitely need this kind of thing done for mine (I have some lists which show images, and those need to be scaled down and compressed for display).

If those are getting removed, that’s going break my app.

What should we do about this problem?

We are looking into this and will update you when we have more information.


Thank you very much!
Don’t misunderstand me.
For us it is very important.
Are there any target dates?

That setting has been bumped up so your images should look better now. You’ll need to run a new build on native.


Thank you very much! It really worked!

Have we found out if these are still being scrubbed?

What do you means?

From Rozza’s note above, they said that the imgix code we add to the app is being “scrubbed” (I assume “removed”) when it’s sent to native.

I just want to know if that’s the case, if it’s been changed, and if I should just stop including that code altogether if so :smiley:

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Quick follow up here: custom imgix params should be working again now (will require hard refreshing and a new build).


Thanks for putting this back in. It’s a great extended feature of Adalo.