Image scrolling on welcome screen

I have an image on my welcome screen, it takes the whole screen. In preview mode I have to stretch the image out large enough to fit different size devices. However, when I test it on my personal device the image scrolls now because of this. Is there a way to LOCK the image in place to prevent that scrolling? I’m using 16:9 on my image ratio.

No matter what I do to have a full screen image, it there’s white space or scrolling when I switch devices for the preview. I’m sure I’m doing something wrong.

Instead of using an image component, try using a background image. You can do this be selecting the whole screen by clicking its name on the canvas and then in the left panel clicking on the Edit Styles button.

@Ben, Excellent! Never seen that option there! I’m glad you’re around! Eventually, I’ll know Adalo inside out, just not yet. Thanks.