Image Slider Preview (device vs platform)


I’ve created a welcome page and added the Image Sider component to showcase 3 images. The collection is created with one entry for each image. The component is linked to the image collection and set to autoplay.

When I preview my app using the preview function in Adalo, the slider cycles through the images as expected. However, when I view the app on my iPhone, I can see the slide indicator cycling through the three image positions, but the slider only displays the first image in the database.

Any suggestions on how to get my iPhone behavior to match what’s happening in the preview tool?

PS: I’ve already removed the app from my home screen and added it back. Thanks!

Hi @smgordon,

Welcome to the community :partying_face:

I think the best option here is to Submit a Support Ticket!

As a small try, did you tried deleting the Slider and adding again and checking the app?

Thank you


Yes I tried that as well. I’ll submit a ticket and see if that helps =)

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