Magic Text for text component not working for Airtable

Hi Guys,
So we have done everything asked on here in regards to populating the first fields in Airtable. All the fields are populated yet I cannot use the magic text for a text component or even for an image component except for a list component where everything work like it should.

Who can kindly help resolve this issue?
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ander,

For display collections you need a list! Only the option that displays for magic text every time is Logged in user data! You can add a list to a screen and link the list to a new screen and add a text component or image component in that screen and show that item data with magic text!

Or you can make the text component or image component as a list clicking the three dots > make a list and connect to the collection you need and display current data from magic text. But this is also works as same like showing the full collection unless you add a max records count or filter for a specif property!

Hope I understood you well!

Thank you

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Hi @dilon_perera ,
Thank you very much for your response. Is there a reason why I access my airtable records through Magic texts for all components except the list component?

Your welcome!

You should have access for magic text inside a list! The list is the component that we can access the data from collections! Is it possible to add a video about this or some screenshots?

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