Images via URL not displaying on custom list

My images display via URL fine when I use a regular list, however, they do not show if I am using a custom list and/or an image with magic text (not a list).

Anyone knows how to solve this?

I’ve tried the solution @buddygoat suggested on this post Images from URL not showing - #2 by Victor “&w=600” but that didn’t solve my problem either.

This issue is causing me to have to redesign the entire app and I am finished designing it already. If anyone can help that will be much appreciated!

@dasuksta did you ever have this type of issue again? I’m breaking my head trying to figure this out.

Hi @Rez yeh man! in fact @ashley sent a workaround…

I seems complex at first but is really flexible and makes showing images or profile images across your app much easier to manage.

The workaround it 3 fold;

  1. Setup your collection with the image, but also add another Text value called ImageUrl, this is important.
  2. On your Save/Upload button that saves the file/image to your collection also add a second action that stores the New File → URL value in the “ImageURL” field.
  3. Then set your image place holder as URL, and then select the source as your collection ImageUrl value.

I have attached screenshots form my collection so you get a better idea, as the explanation is confusing if your not familiar with the concept.

Good Luck :+1:

Screenshot 2021-03-09 at 21.21.34

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Appreciate your help.

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Unfortunately, even using this method I am still having issues. It’s so frustrating how poor the performance of Adalo is regarding a native feature. It doesn’t even show the placeholder image.

It’s making it impossible for me to launch, that’s the only issue I have at this point. So annoying!

Hi @Rez,

Just for information - if your images are hi-res (and therefore large size), you can’t really expect quick loading them on the mobile phone: it could be network bandwidth and speed, speed of cloud provider which store images, speed of the phone browser (if you’re using PWA), phone performance if it’s a native app, and all of these combined.


Hey @Victor, that’s not the issue. There is some sort of bug with Adalo and the photos are NOT showing via URL. I have written support over a week ago and never heard from anybody, it makes me concerned to rely on Adalo given the support is not responsive.

Hi @Rez,

Indeed there is a bug with displaying Image with URL taken from File URL property in the collection. For some reason the address itself is not taken from the URL, just checked in my test app. May be you could remind Adalo support about this bug.

However, the workaround suggested by @dasuksta (based on advice from @ashley) worked for me perfectly. You can always copy the URL from File->URL property to an additional text property, and use this one as a URL to display the image.


Hey @Victor, unfortunately the workaround @dasuksta suggested only works in certain things (such as lists). It doesn’t work for custom made lists or single images. I’ve written to support and wrote directly to @Colin as well, over a week ago, no one answered. At this point I am just concerned about investing more time into Adalo knowing the support is not there to deal with their own bugs on a timely manner.

hey @Rez it does work on custom lists - I’m using it everywhere… for a singular image, make the image a list and set the max limit to 1.

See attached screenshot of a custom List, I created this list based off the Simple List Adalo component - looks like Simple List, but is custom made.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, it does not work for me, even if I put a placeholder image. I ended up having to spend dozens of hours to workaround this, which meant redesigning a LOT of my app that was already finished.

Hi @Rez,

Just for information - I’ve checked in custom made list with images in my test app - it worked for me.

Here is the video:
(just uploaded it so it may take several minutes to process :slight_smile: )


Thanks Victor, at this point I have already redesigned everything, but I appreciate your input!

@Victor just to be clear, I had grouped item and made them into lists. That’s what doesn’t work. Also if you just put a single image holder and put the image URL.

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