Img/file picker

You know, I have another problem now)) Maybe u know the case. I have 3 file pickers or img pickers (that does not matter) and first of all they lag every time I’m trying to put some data in it (they don’t load it) and then (if I put files in it) I have an action of updating current user information, but files and images ain’t save. I’m sick and tired of this

Hi @cooslly,

I think it may because if you are trying to put larger files because I believe you can add files that size is greater than 50mb.

There is Adalify API that you can use for uplaod larger files. If you any questions of that Nathan ( @theadaloguy ) may help you!

If that file is not fully uploaded and if you click the button while it’s uploading then that file will not added be added!

Thank you

And if it’s uploaded and it doesn’t save it in DB?

If the file fully uploaded ( when the loading icon disappears ) and when you click the button it needs to be saved! If not the best would be Submitting a support ticket!

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