Implementing a waiting kist for events

Hi, I am trying to implement a going/waiting list for my membership app.

I have made a short video, see it here - Going-waiting list – Business in Action

It is based on a video I saw here in the help section. The main difference is that I pull data from an existing event rather than have a drop down of events on the same page. However, I cannot get the list of people going to populate. The event capacity is set to 4 and there are 6 going.

I am very new to Adalo, (but loving the flexibility of the system), so when you give an explanation treat me like an idiot!

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @chapperzz,

It’s because you have set the maximum number of items to 1 in that list.

Remove it and try again!

Thank you

Thanks Dilon,

Jeez, that’s what you get fr following someone else’s solution. It now displays all 6 people. Thanks.

Just need to sort the rest of it out now!

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