Importing CSV Files

We have a completely new resource document for importing CSV files to your database! (Also known as bulk record upload).


Love the comprehensive documentation - really, really great.

However, I can’t seem to get the demo app/csv file to work at all :frowning: Is there a broader issue with CSV that’s potentially the issue?

Not that I’m aware of, but we have had a few reports of some users getting an error when trying to import even 1 column files. Could you try in a different browser and let me know if you see any improvement?

I’m trying to import from a CSV, the “Select a File” button does not reveal any of the csv files on my computer. If I change “custom” file search to “all files” and select my csv file, nothing happens. The import animation just spins and spins. Any help would be appreciated.

UPDATE: On a hunch, I changed the file extension of my file to txt and the import worked.

That’s quite interesting - what browser and OS are you on?