Importing CSV Files

We have a completely new resource document for importing CSV files to your database! (Also known as bulk record upload).


Love the comprehensive documentation - really, really great.

However, I can’t seem to get the demo app/csv file to work at all :frowning: Is there a broader issue with CSV that’s potentially the issue?

Not that I’m aware of, but we have had a few reports of some users getting an error when trying to import even 1 column files. Could you try in a different browser and let me know if you see any improvement?

I’m trying to import from a CSV, the “Select a File” button does not reveal any of the csv files on my computer. If I change “custom” file search to “all files” and select my csv file, nothing happens. The import animation just spins and spins. Any help would be appreciated.

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UPDATE: On a hunch, I changed the file extension of my file to txt and the import worked.

That’s quite interesting - what browser and OS are you on?

I am facing same issue last time but no response from anyone an couldn’t find the topic troubleshooting in google.


Do you know if it’s possible to enable users on the app to upload a csv file for a bulk upload of inventory?

Unfortunately this is isn’t really possible just with Adalo itself, but it could be possible by building out something in Integromat or another automation service. Basically they upload the file with the correct column formats which fires your workflow, then the workflow iterates over the rows in the spreadsheet and adds each one to your collection in Adalo.

I’ve given it a shot with both integromat and zapier using easycv but I’ll be honest I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out the correct workflow. Thank you though! I’ll keep working at it.

@adalouser500 I found that the issue was if there are duplicate records it doesn’t upload

Hi Helen,

Would you elaborating a bit more ? I’d love to learn how you got to that conclusion.