In all my apps (web and mobile) login is down

In all my apps (web and mobile) the login is down.
I get a huge pop-up from the mobile apps with an HTML code and all PWAs shows invalid password.
Someone else?


This is a critic situation…

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I have the same issue.

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I was JUST creating a thread. My users database show zero users

Jeee… :roll_eyes:
Is back.


It shows back up now.

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It seems that an update was planned for today, maybe that’s why …

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These temporary outages happen WAAAY too often in Adalo. Like waay to much for a SaaS in 2021. This is based on my experience and the frequent knocks I get from my team of 15+ who use it.

Thank you @Ossa
Would be great to have some upgrades.
Do you know what could it be?

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