Apps are down again?

I don’t like to spread negativity and I love adalo… but the PWAs are down for a third time in 20 days…I have 3 locations that use adalo’s service to get orders and people get mad when they can’t order their coffee through the PWA I made.

Is there anything I can do as a maker to prevent this from happening even if adalo is down?

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Mine is down as well.

Impossible to open the app (PWA) : message not found
Same thing with the Preview : the screen is black

Same here… third time in less than a week…

I’ve reached out to adalo support asking if there’s something we can do on our end to make our sites more reliable

I feel for you dude, hopefully it gets resolved soon. Is there any reason why you went for a PWA and not an Android/iOS app for your ordering system? Or do you have a PWA Web App sharing the same database on the store side that recieves the orders?

Resolved! :tada:

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My guess is that there are devs testing/developing new features that affect other things that make the server go down. Maybe @joshjohnson or @jessehaywood have a more accurate answer.

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