Working on multiple screens?

Super new user here but experienced coder with what I know is an obvious stupid question, so forgive me up front. I’ve been asked to help with an adalo development, and so far I think it’s great, with the HUGE exception that I have not been able to find a way to focus on a single screen from the adalo dashboard. I can edit any screen but pretty soon I’m gonna need an electron microscope to see it. How do I select a screen to work with that excludes the other screens?

See: Zoom In/Out in main interface

Thanks, Karimoo. I was using a mouse instead of the track pad and missed the whole 2 finger movement thing until now. Greatly appreciated!

For me zoom in and out is also working with the mouse when pressing Control Key. (I am using a Apple Magic Mouse on Mac)

I’m sorry, Karimoo, I wasn’t quite clear. The zoom in / out was working with the mouse, but the work page (desktop? Main screen? not sure what you call it) was static, so I was zooming in and out on the same spot. THEN I realized I could move the work page by using 2 fingers on the track pad, and then zoom in to the screen I wanted. Is there a way to move the position of the work page with the mouse?

I see - try to hold space and move the canvas with the mouse.

Perfect, Christof, thank you!


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