Incorrect date on create new record

I’m trying to copy a record into a new record. It copies all relevant text fields properly, but when I copy two of the date fields, it copies the dates one day earlier than the original record. Is there a timezone bug causing this?

Here are the records, the first is the copy with the wrong start and end date values:

Here is the Create action I’m using to copy the values:

Hi @murrolems,

As for me it is a bug, I’ve had similar one couple of months ago. It is somehow depends on the time zone of the app user. It’s a pity that it’s not fixed :frowning:

I’d suggest reporting it here: Submit a Support Ticket


It’s funny because you would think if it’s the time zone issue, it would only happen around the end of the day, but the bug still exists if I try to copy the row in the late morning/afternoon…

In my case date copy didn’t work correctly when I set up the user timezone to Hawaii, but worked when I set up it to London :slight_smile:

Here I mean the time on the end-user device (I changed it on my laptop and phone manually).