Incrementing a number in a text field box

Since the deck swiper component doesn’t seem to be working anymore, I’m trying to find a different way to get sort of the same thing.

What I’ve come up with is a custom list of images/text showing only 1 image/text at a time and setting the order of the images = to a text input field. This text input field starts with a value of 1.

The user will then see the first image with two buttons below it, “like” and “dislike”. Upon pressing either button, the idea is the text input field should increment by 1 so that now the order of the images is 2 and the custom list will display the second image/text in the list.

What I am struggling with is how to increment the text field - it seems like there is no way to add a custom formula to that field type.

Any thoughts?

I’m stuck with the same problem and there is a solution that will probably work for you if you have users log in to use your app. I was hoping to create an unauthenticated app so it doesn’t solve my problem, sadly. Here’s a video that goes through the solution - you create another piece of data in your users table and just store the incremental number there.

Also, here is another really elegant solution! 1 Item per Page then click next item - #14 by StaBog

Add an input to the screen and label it “Image Input”. Set the default value of this input to 1.

Add another input and call it “Plus One Input”. Set the default value of this input to Magic Text > Custom Formula. Inside this formula, insert “Other Components > Image Input + 1”.

Add an image to the screen.

Make a list from this image by clicking the settings button with the image selected and click “make a list”. Set this list to Images > All Images with a custom filter where Image ID is equal to “Other Components > Image Input”.

On your like & dislike buttons, add the action “More > Change Input Value”. For the input, select “Image Input” and for the value, set it to “Other Components > Plus One Input”.

Last, make the 2 inputs smaller and put them behind a rectangle to hide them.

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Another Example :

In here Tip No 7!