Make modal go away!

I’ve created a screen that has a Modal appear when you visit it, I’d like the Modal to appear only once! Now it goes on loop, as it appears each time the screen behind it is visited, and the OK button goes “Back”. It does not help to put the OK button to go directly to the screen behind it, again, obviously.

You have to set a condition @parksidecreator

“Sometimes” - > and then?.. It only gives option to when a collection from database is ‘something’ or time/date is ‘something’.

You should use true/false property to capture that user is visited the modal or not, if the user is not visited then redirect to modal screen & under advance action setup like - Action only trigger when → Logged In User > Property Name is false & when they visited make it to true

I hope this will help


You don’t have to create/log in to a user to use the app.

That means no signup and login.

What do you mean? Is it not possible?

@parksidecreator did your problem solved?

No, any suggestions?

So in your app the users no need to sign up know?

I have removed the users-function. The app is without users, so therefore without log in.

Hmm. What are the collections you have in you DB?

Informations that goes in the app? It’s a city guide, so DB is filled with store names, their opening hours etc.

If you don’t have a users database to flag whether the user has visited the page already you can perhaps instead use a hidden input box on the screen. When the user visits the screen for the first time you trigger the input value to be eg “1” and then make the modal only appear if the input value is “1”. When they leave you set the value to be “2”.


How do I make the counter add to it self when the page is visited?

add the text input on your home screen

Hi @parksidecreator I created a video for you.

I think you will solve your problem. :innocent: :innocent:

Thank you :blush: :blush:


Thanks man, this worked! :+1:

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Your Welcome @parksidecreator :blush: :blush:

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Hi Dilon,

I deleted my function by accident and now I can not get it to raise the input-number again.
The modal is only visible when input-number is 1, and “OK” button in modal changes input-value(I have set 1).
But the input does not change number, so the modal is always visible.
I have looked at your video.

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