Input field set for specific range of numbers

Hi guys, do you please know if it is possible to set specific range of numbers for a text field? I know you can set how many digits can be shown but if I want to transfer the number into star rating so I would like to set the range (0-5 or 0-10). Thank you.

Hi Tommen, instead of using a text field here for such a few options, why not use a dropdown select box?

There currently isn’t a way to validate the input in a text field. You can upvote the feature request here:

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Hi Colin, dropdown select is a good idea, thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Hello, just coming back to this, do you please know how to set menu options as a property from collection? It seems to me like you can make it only as a collection itself. :thinking: Thanks :slight_smile:

Do you know please solution for that? :slight_smile:

Hi @Tommen,

Having experimented with dropdown menu, I didn’t find a way to fill it in other than from collection :frowning: Seems the menu is built on kind of a “list”, and behaves similarly.

Would love to have solution for that as well - creating a separate collection for XS S M L XL sizes is a bit overkill ))

Just my 2 cents

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Hi @Victor,
Hopefully, someone will be kind enough to give us a hand. It’s a shame you cannot do something like that :slight_smile:

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@Colin Don’t you please know a solution for that? :slight_smile:

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Could you guys provide more details on what you’re looking for here? If you have a Collection called Sizes and 3 records in that collection for S, M, and L, then if you connect the dropdown to the sizes collection, S, M, and L will be the 3 options in that dropdown.

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Sure, we are trying to achieve what you mentioned but not as a separate collection but a property of a collection so we do not have to link collection between but simply add a property of a record.

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I guess you are looking for a Single / or Multi Select data type as mentioned in

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Hi @Ben,

Yes, you’re right - dropdown works perfectly with the collection records. But imagine you have 5 different dropdowns in the app - creating 5 different collections for the sole purpose to fill the dropdowns seems a bit too much :slight_smile:

For me it’s not something like a serious roadblock or showstopper - it’s more related to development convenience.


P.S. For the 5 dropdowns case, thought about single “dropdown values” collection with additional “id” property to filter the values… but IMHO the structure is a bit complex, and adds workload to DB

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In my instance, I am trying to create a star system that would reflect the number the user adds. And I am looking for a way how to enable only numbers 1-5 (that can be reflected in stars) but I cannot find a solution. If you knew of a better way how to achieve that, please let me know :slight_smile: thanks.

@Victor that’s one of the new property types mentioned here:

@Tommen Have you tried the star rating component in the marketplace for that?

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Yes, that’s what I am planning to do but I was hoping the user can write a number that would be later shown as a star rating which I assume is not doable.

That is doable with an input component, but there is not a way currently on that to set a max and minimum number. You can set those limits though with both the slider and the star rating components.

I tried both, star system as well as slider to set a specific range of numbers (1-5) but I did not get the option to set it for the record the user was creating (Collection of Items) but the only option was to use it to set the features of users. Is there a possible solution for that? I guess that after all there isn’t a way how to resolve the situation I currently face (set the specific range of numbers for a collection different one than Logged In User).

You can set a range on anything with these components but make sure you are doing so on a screen other than the “Home” screen, where your only option will be logged in user.

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Hey Colin, I found an issue. I couldn’t set it up on the screen that creates the desired record (an item) but can do that in the screen that follows. That is not a best solution but can still be used. Thanks for your help! :blush: :v:

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