Restrict numerical field to a number range

I am developing an app to allow users to provide reviews and rate movies on a 1-5 scale and later display the average score. That being said, I have a numerical field to capture the movie rating. However, is there a way to restrict that field to a predefined range (i.e. 1 -5)? Or alternatively set it as a dropdown list while still being able to use it for calculations/formulas?

I have use a number property to capture the user’s five star rating (1 to 5) in my App. You can see the logic used in the app in attached picture.

Action Type = Update (when pressing any star rating circle).

Drop-down you can do, just have a collection for the options. So your have a collection ‘rating options’ with 5 records - 1,2,3,4,5 and make the drop-down a list of rating options

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