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Hey Adalo Fam, tricky question for anyone out there.

I have information in my app I collect from a user as part of there intake. I display that information later on their profile page. All of the data transfers over just fine except for one finicky list. The components include a list of options, toggle box, and continue button that is currently set to update the logged in user. The corresponding profile page displays the information in a horizontal chip list of logged in user. Any idea for a solve?

Hey there @Allison

Can you provide screenshots and more information about the “finicky list”?

A screen recording or screenshots would be very helpful if you could show us the screens in question, data available on said screens, the lists and their settings, and the update action.

I’m sure it’s something simple, just need to more about what data isn’t transferring over.

Hey @Flawless thanks for your help! I took a screen recording. Doesn’t look like this forum will allow me to upload a .mov - do you have another way to share with you? Otherwise, see if the screen shots below will suffice.

Hi @Allison,

You can upload videos from drive. You can upload the video to your Google Drive and make it public and send the Url. Or you can use Loom.

You have a Many to Many to relationship between the Users collection and the Mentoring Styles right? You can connect the toggle inside that list to that relationship. ( Add in What does this toggle? section)

Then you can show Logged in user > Mentoring Styles. ( You have that part :+1: )

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera I went back and re-set up the relationships and it did the trick - wasn’t set up to be many to many! Wohoo. I have a few other final app details I’m trying to solve for so I can put this baby in test flight - any interest in helping if I put them on this thread?

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@dilon_perera @Flawless - started working in the next issue. If either of you have ideas I’d love the help.

I have a user page for someone to report inappropriate behavior. The trouble with this one, when a user reports someone, the submit button creates a new report, which adds a new blank field to the list of reportable offenses.

For future reference, try out Loom for screen recording so that you don’t have to upload large files or mov files, you can just copy & paste a share link. Or you can upload your MOV files to youtube and share the link also.

Try it out with this issue so we can see the inputs and actions. :grin:

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