Issue Pushing User Multi-Selections in List to New Screen


I’m trying to create a flow of screens where a user selects multiple values up to 30 in a check box, then when hit submit, the values the user selected, not all, are pushed to the next screen to show the selected values. The whole flow starts with choose 25, then 15 next screen, and then 5 on the last screen. Once the 5 has been chosen, then I’ll ad a TO-DO List for the user to focus on completing those 5 tasks. The problem that I’m having is that the first selection screen isn’t pushing the selected values to the next screen. I’m not sure if it’s a database property relationship issue, but when i check the SUBMIT button Link action, it says current core values data missing. I’m stuck…Please offer any advice, assistance, and I’m open for a video conference call to help walk me through what I’m missing.

Any thoughts?


Multi select dropdown?

That component does not load current values.

Hi Thank you for responding. I actually don’t use that selection component. What I do is select a List, I’ve tried Simple and Custom, then I add a Toggle Checkbox. I choose from a database of core values, categories, and definitions in the three columns. The User is to check up to 25 items for the first round, when hit SUBMIT button, I want to push those user current core values to the next screen and display them. The next screen is to have a list with checkboxes selected from the previous screen, and then the user picks 10 of those lists, go to the next screen, and then choose 5 and that’s the result the user is to focus on resolving as part of the program. I think I’m having issues with the relationship properties of core values and users maybe? Do you have time to do a Zoom or video conference if this is something you can review with me to see what I’m doing wrong?

I chose a simple list…and also tried custom list. It’s not saving the selections checked, and I’m not sure if I have the property relations for core values and users right. If I can save the checked selections, push it to the next screen, the selected choices in another list with checkboxes, and can choose the next set to save and push to the next screen…then I’ll be finished. I’m stuck. Have time to zoom if you can help resolve it?

A many:many relationship between corevalue : users should give you what you need.
Then the toggle action is…
Current corevalue > users > Add Logged in User

Thank you I’ll try that and let you know. Thanks for sending the link in case I need it.

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Hi Rozza - I tried many times and different ways with the relationships. I’m missing something, but not sure.

Hey Jamel
Here’s an example

What do you have?

Hi Rozza -

Link Update and Push of Selected User Core Values to screen 2 > Home Screen 2

Make this many:many

As it stands each corevalue can only have one user.


You also have a many:many on corevalues back to itself. I’m not sure why you might need that. You may have a use case but otherwise, delete it.

Hope this helps.

Will do! Thanks

Ok progress - I’m able to see the Home Screen 2 with the list, but I can’t see the push data of user selected core values from the previous screen…Your thoughts?

Screenshot of Button Right SElection Toggle action:

When the toggle is pressed in your list, the user is updated as having the core value. Each toggle click is an automatic update action - almost instantly

You don’t need a separate action to update the logged in user. You don’t need the text field “User Core Values”

To display a user’s core values you need a list of core values filter = Logged in user > Core Values

Okay I’ll do that now thank you.

Wow that’s amazing…IT worked Rozza!!! Now…How do I get it to refresh with clean slate everytime I start over when clicking Preview? the same boxes are selected when I restart it?

Now All I have to do is duplicate this for the next set of values to be selected for 15, and then the last one 5 on the screens to follow. After all of that…I’ll add a To Do list for the user to have as guidance and progress tracking until its completed. Wow…This is a huge help. Thank you for your timely help and recommendations.

Hi Jamel,
So it is like a questionnaire that is filled out multiple times?

Can you explain the app concept and process in a bit more detail.

Hi Rozza - Yes this is a self evaluation and assessment type of program for users who need help transitioning after lay-offs or seeking new careers. This program helps them evaluate themselves, their goals, core values, and what the hope to achieve. Each screen has values for them to select and rate starting from the first round and ending up on the last self evaluation screen with 5 core values. Once completed, including more assessment driven choices, the user will have a To Do List to completed thats centered around those 5 core values after selecting and prioritizing them among others, and other reflections to help them focus on working on those tasks outside of the program. I’ll keep you posted…Meanwhile, I understand why the values are still checked when starting over, but how do you reset them for the same user if they wanted to start over and choose other values? I didn’t see a refresh or clear buffer option. Your thoughts?


Thanks for the explainer and good luck with it!
It’s quite a concept to get into a data structure.

You could have table template core values which drives your main list, then when one is selected it is added to table chosen core values which has a relationship to the template record and the user who chose it. Like a JOIN table. You might have to move away from a toggle and use a button instead.

There is a way to clear a user’s relationship field by means of an API call to the Adalo Collection, this is a bit advanced but if you want to go down that route then you clear with json like this.


I wondered if I should use separate databases for main core values, then chosen values. I think once I was able to see the selected values were actually in its on column, then I backed off the ideal. Now, I’m thinking I should do it again based on your recommendation. As far as clearing it, I just want to keep it simple and take note that this will be start over for each user with a clean slate. Otherwise, the same user can just uncheck the selected boxes and start over for now. Luckily, it’s only a few screens to advance and its not a drawn out type of program so far. Thank you Rozza!