Integrate an external collection API

Hi guys,

I am trying to Connect Utelly API to create SVOD program finder.

Step 1:

I connected the HEADER with my Key and its parameters.
I indicate the QUERY parameters

  • “Location” to indicate a country
  • “Term” for the name of the program you are looking for

Step 2:
I configure the Endpoints

Step 3:
I test the connection … everything is OK

BUT !!!

My app only has 2 pages (for now)

Page 1: the user indicates the program he’s looking for (example: The Rain")
Page 2: I display the programs that correspond to the name indicated

=> Adalo only displays programs that match the name specified in the API settings (Dark, for example).

How to do ?
I have to put something for TERM in the parameters… otherwise, ADALO refuses the connection to the API…

I don’t know if I’m very clear… but if someone understands me and can answer me…

Thank you for your help,


Hi @Hutchymike,
The API connection, needs to perform a search to get the API structure, usually this is done by a get all. But if the API only works with filters, best way for this is to:

  1. Create a field in the user collection “Term”
  2. When creating the external collection, use that field
  3. when making the call for the API in the app, you need to first update that user field “Term” with the search Term you want to perform.

This is a quick workaround to overcome that.

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Thanks a lot !

I tried this and it works :slight_smile: !

Best regards.


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