Integromat - 503 & 429 constant errors

Hello Adalo family!

Has anyone successfully steered through the constant 503 and 429 Integromat errors that pop up seemingly randomly?


Hi Thomas,

To be honest I rarely use Integromat so I would just submit a support ticket for this.

Hi @ProU,

I’ve seen this as well.

429 usually means “Too many requests” - are you trying to get a large amount of data in a short period?

As for 503, I suspect that it might be caused by Adalo servers “overload”.

Anyway, as @James_App_Maker suggested, it’s better to submit a ticket so that Adalo team can have a look.

Best regards, Victor.

I’ve gotten over 12 503 errors today alone, causing all of my Integromat scenarios to fail and stop.
Has anyone else seen an uptick?