Integromat help

Hello! please tell me, is there a module Integromat

that would receive a file from Adalo and compress it to the required size and send it to Onedrive ? There are Adalo-HTTP GET FILE-One drive scripts. Please tell me the possible solutions.

You can add CloudConvert module after HTTP GET file to compress the file before sending to OneDrive.


can I put it before HTTP? because there are restrictions on the file size, even on a paid subscription, the limit is 75 megabytes

and can I get a file from Adalo to Onedrive without the HTTP module?

you would need a file to compress it, it’s not available until here until you get the file from HTTP Get file.

I don’t think this is possible, why don’t you consider asking users to upload smaller files into Adalo to begin with?

I am building an application where users send video greetings. Different users have different phones and different video durations. The sizes are different. What exit paths do you see. Do you make apps for money ?

Or there is an option to send a URL link to download a video. Is it possible to do this. so that Onedrive receives a link to the video and tags from whom it came and to whom it is addressed.

you could probably ask users to upload video to their own OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox and get the public link to the video.

in Adalo, using the video player component you can pass the link provided by the user to play in-app or redirect to download the video.

users receive notifications and clicking on the button should add a video or take it off and send it. then the video should be sent to Onedrive