Integromat/Make API GET Link Record?

Hey my choice of automation tool is Intregromat/Make. I have a scenario where I need GET all of the records associated to it’s parent collection. I could easily use List Records and run a filter, however I would like to do it thru an Arbitrary API call.

How would I modify the standard query to retrieve a nested (linked) record???


Hi @ChattSoil,

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Unfortunately, recordIDs are not supported for filterValue in API query:

So basically we’re left with 3 options:

  • use List Records module + filter after.
    → by the way, it will have a limit of 1000 records returned. If your collection is bigger, you will need to use generic “API call” module or HTTP module, and create a pagination in this scenario (Repeater + storing variables).
  • sometimes I deliberately create an additional field in the collection and store a copy of recordID of a linked record there. Yes it’s ugly and prone to errors, but this helps in cases like yours - at least I can do filtered queries in Make.
  • sometimes (with List Records) it is more efficient to search from the other side - unlike SQL foreign keys, Adalo stores the links in a record on “one” side (so you can have an array with all “children”). And then you can use array operations in Make to pass the filter (Make allows to use “contains” with arrays, and this is a lifesaver for such cases).


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