Integromat true/false

Hello everyone!

I am facing an issue with setting the filter in Integromat. I want the filter to check if the true/false property in adalo is set to true before moving on with the scenario.

This is how I set the filter

I also tried the “true” label in pink but the scenario is stopping before the filter when I test it. Any suggestions of how I should edit the condition to work with adalo DB?


Hi @m-mrh,

For your third condition, you need to check that:

  • “Equal to” is selected for Boolean operations (there is a long list of different comparisons)
  • “True” is set up as a “pink box”, not as text.



Just to show you what @Victor means by “true is a pink box”:


Thank you so much @Victor and @Flawless

It is now working as you both advised.

It’s weird that I tried it yesterday but it wasn’t working. support at Integromat told me it may be a problem where the trigger didn’t output anything because there weren’t new Adalo records. I think the database wasn’t updating well from my side.

Thanks again :+1: