Integromat : redirect based on condition

Hi !

I’m wondering if you have an idea on how I could perform something like this with Integromat : if Product Category == XXX → redirect to to page #1, if not, redirect to Page #2 ?

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Hi @JeremyD,

Well you can create a custom action, pass the category name to Integromat, return some value in that scenario, and then depending on the value returned you make two link actions, first of it is conditional based on the value returned, and this action links to the Page #1; and the second one links to the Page #2.

I wonder why would you like to use Integromat for this - as such things could be done in Adalo itself: you can put conditions (Advanced → happen Sometimes) on the actions.

Best regards, Victor.

Hi !

Thank you !

I tried in Adalo by adding 2 actions : Action #1 → Sometimes if Category equal XXX, Action #2 → Sometimes if Category equal XXX
But it doesn’t work, it always redirects to the first one.

Did you have something else in mind to do it with those conditions ?

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Hi @JeremyD,

I guess there might be some mistake in the setup. Sharing some screenshots how you set up the actions might help :wink:

Also, if both actions are comparing with category XXX, the result is kind of expected :slight_smile:


I think the problem comes from the part : “Is equal to” - “XXX”, where XXX is the name of the category. I guess that it’s not the right way to identify it. Am I right in your opinion ?

Screen 1 :
I have a list of products, and each product is associated with a Category

→ If category is XXX → Screen 2 : Product details
→ If category is YYY → Screen 2’ : Product details, but not displaying the same info

Thank you ! :wink:

I figured it out :slight_smile:

Instead of choosing “Current Category” in the first dropdown, I just had to scroll down, select “More”, and then “Current Category → Name”, and then, I can compare the two values.

Thank you @Victor for pushing be back to right direction instead of using Integromat :stuck_out_tongue: !!

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Hi @JeremyD,

Great, you figured that out by yourself!

One note - for such kind of actions, you’d better be sure that category name (or any other property you’re comparing to) is unique. Unless you explicitly want to have it set up differently for some reason :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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