Integromat Webhook - "Accepted" page displaying

Hello all,

I need an information about Integromat Webhook using with an application.

When I try to make one webhook request, a web page “accepted” is displayed:


But it is not userfriendly for me, it has not to be displayed to the end user…

So, my question: This is just a behaviour due to the preview mode in adalo and it will not be displayed when the application will be published in the store.

Or, maybe, there is a way to indicate to not displaying the “accepted” page (no return from the webhook)?

Thank you in advance for your help!
Have a good day!

Hi @Thibaut,

In order to have something else instead of “Accepted”, you can put Webhook Response module to your scenario and then display any information you want (and set HTTP response code as well)/

Though I’m wondering why would you want to have Integromat webhook opened in a browser. Usually custom actions are used for this purpose :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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Hello Victor and thank you for your reply!

I do not want to have Integromat opened in a browser but I have to call a function (reach by a http request, so the http make a request integromat’s module) - a function I create and hosted in gogle cloud function.

This request is the beginning of my Integromat scenario…
I don’t know but if you have a workaround to make it easier (with a webhook module or a possibly custom action), I am listening your ideas…

Her is a sample of my wondering scenario:

With a necessary watch records adalo’s module at the beginning with a parameter of “each 1 minute”, it will be VERY gourmand when we think about operation limit (1 each minute for a month = 43 200 operations, already beyond of the Basic pay plan…). So, an alternative possibility will be welcome… If you have…

Thank you a lot again for all the help you provide to all the user!
(I see you a lot when I browse the forum looking for a solution! :wink: )

And just, Merry Christmas by the way …

Hi @Thibaut,

As far as I understood, your workflow logic is something like:

  • you create a record in Adalo
  • with some info from this record, you need to run a HTTP request to your GC function
  • after this GC function finishes, you need to update the record in Adalo

If this is correct:

  • on Adalo side, use Custom Actions (
  • for the record you’re creating, have a unique Name-ID
  • pass this ID to Integromat in your custom action
  • start scenario with the webhook
  • second step will be “Adalo list records”
  • then you put a filter using ID from the webhook - you compare it with NameID from List Records
  • as a result, you will get one record, the one you need.
  • proceed further with your scenario. When you need to update the record, you can get its internal Adalo ID from the List Records.

As for response:

  • if you don’t put Webhook Response in your scenario, Integromat will send 200 immediately after calling a webhook.
  • if you would like a user to wait till the scenario finishes, you need to put Webhook Response - then Integromat won’t return anything until it reaches this module.

Hope this helps. Merry Christmas!


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