Integromat webhook for scheduled notification for chat

Hello guys,

I’m building simple chat in my application and want to handle notifications so when user is not in the chat she receives push notifications.

I figured how to check if user read or not read new message with use of hidden countdown. Now it is time for scheduled push notification. The only way for adalo to send push notifications is to create new record in database. I saw that there is a nice integration with zapier that allows to get new records from database wich is perfect for me. I decided that than zapier will re-check if the message had been read in like 15 sec and if not it will send notification.

However there is problem - zapier is expensive as hell and it might cost me hundreads of bucks to check every notification. I’d like to use Integromat however I have not found same trigger. I’d like to know if there is any option to make same stuff with Integromat.

I tried to make webhook on click however I cannot pass id of element so I can easily request it later :frowning:

Do you have any other ideas how can I figure this out?

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