Interface Issues on Android

I downloaded my compiled APK and loaded it into my phone. It seems like shadows don’t show on Android.

I see someone else complain about shadows with no fix:

The next thing I notice is everything seems shifted up about 1/2 inch or so. My menu bar (custom one) is very close to the top text (where the time is) and the navigation at the bottom are shifted up so there’s a lot of extra space. Screenshot attached.

Top Menu on Pixel 4a (took a pic with my other phone because a screenshot doesn’t show it):

Top Menu in Web Preview shows it fine:

Bottom Menu shifted up:

Oddly, when I open a modal, or a floating left account menu, the entire interface shifts down and looks correct:

I also tested using the stock menubar component instead of a custom one, it was even a little higher than my custom one:

Never experienced this before. Will take a look into it, thanks for the report and pics!

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