Shadows not showing on android

Please see below screenshots. Appears all fine on web preview although doesn’t appear as intended on android for some reason. Any help with this would be much appreciated.

Note: Top images are the Progressive web app preview and the bottom are the native android build.

@CarlM I think this is a known problem- the only way around it at the moment is to put a border as well as a shadow so it appears still on Android.


Hey folks, I have done this and somehow it works on some screens and does not in others. Any clue what I can do?

See below. This one does not work.

This one works with what I see as the exact same rectangle specs (for border and shadow!).

@speakupboy that solution didn’t work for me unfortunately.

@gregdarebe I’m fairly sure that every component but the custom list component displays shadows fine. Wondering when this will be fixed by Adalo dev team.

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