Internal android testing no signup button

Hello. I made my first build and uploaded it to my android phone. The button Sign up dissapeared. There is button on Adalo but not on Android phone. What can be the reason? Thank you.

So many possibilities.

Please, share screenshots of your settings or a screen recording (I recommend Loom).

Is that a disappear feature?

Here how it looks on my phone without signup

Here how it looks on Adalo

It’s impossible to know what’s happening because you not even showing the setting for the button. How is that button set up on the editor?

Also, you did not show a screen shot of how the sign up looks like on Adalo previewer.

So, please, provide more details. As many details as possible. We want to help, we you need help us first, by providing appropriate information.

A screen recording (I recommend Loom) is the best option, where you can show everything.

Hi @elvirarvas,

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Do you have any visibility conditions added to the button? Is it there if you scroll the screen?

It’s a bit hard to identify the problem without looking at your setup like Charles said :slightly_smiling_face: If you could share a recording showing your setup would be great for us to identify the issue.If it’s not possible for you, you can send me a DM and I’ll take a look!

Thank you

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