Strange. Never able to get to login page. Why?

Briefly the problem: While the “Already have an account” button is visible during construction on desktop, it is not clickable when I run the preview. Not even after signing up couple of accounts. Same time, I can see the graphical link displayed between “Sign up” and “Login” pages. Then how to get to login? Is this a bug?

… I wanted to illustrate my earlier questions, and for that I decided to create a blank new app in Adalo.

Three pages came up by default: Sign Up, Login, and Home.

There is an “Already have an account” field in the Sign Up visible form. However it does not work, not clickable on preview. Strange is also that I cannot find this “Already have an account” text in the forms. Where is it?

So what happens during preview. I signup and immediately get to the Home screen. From there I can exit back to the sign up screen. That’s it. I can’t get to login screen. While the link graphical indication is shown on adalo desktop, between “Sign up” and “Login” pages

What is wrong and what I don’t know?

Hi @Ruslanskij,

The button “Already have an Account” is covered by the form (which signs up) and is located below it. That’s why it is not clickable.
Try to either to move the button down to the bottom of the screen, or try to reduce number of fields in the form.

You can also try to adjust the components “sequence” in Screen->Components menu (by dragging), but placing a button over a form is not considered to be a good practice.

Best regards, Victor.

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