Internal notifications system

I want to create an internal notification system.

I created a:
DB Notifications with the following records: title, content, date.
DB Type notifications with the following records: Name.

The relationships between the two db are of the type: Many Notifies, one type notifications.

Now, creating a manual form, I can safely create a notification, connect it to the loggate user and set the type from the drop -down menu that takes the values from the Relational DB Type notifications.

However, and here is the absurd thing, if I create an action to generate an automatic notification, I cannot select the type of notification, in no way !!!

The logic is the following.
After the first login, the user receives a Welcome notification that is automatically generated.
At the same time, all types of notifications of the DB type notifications must be attributed to him.

At this point, all other notifications will be managed manually and will reach all connected users.

The two dB must be separated, even the user must have both the possibility of reading or not every single notification but must also be able to enable all or a single type of notifications he wants to receive.


Hey @gianlucapartengo

Have you tried a Countdown Timer in a custom list, on an interstitial screen?

I do think you are at the limits of what Adalo can do before you need to have something like or Xano do some of the heavy lifting.

I don’t understand your need 100%, if you can, upload a video or series of screenshots to visualise, that will help us a lot.

Surely maybe you can’t do it or you can do better.

I am using all my poor knowledge of Adalo and therefore I can make mistakes.

I do not use hidden screen or meters on lists. The only thing I can tell you is the logic I have in my head.

A user is recorded.
It takes the first login and is directed to the Home screen.
Here, there is an action that sets the date of the first access.
Always here, I would like to load all types of notifications to the connected user automatically.
At the same time, a welcome notification must be created for the only connected user and corresponding to the “Welcome” type.

At present, the user then finds in the notifications screen, only this welcome.
Also in the notifications screen, he has the opportunity to manage them.
It can decide whether to receive only one type, everyone or none.

Any other notification, system or loading new articles, etc., will be manuals and will be directed to all connected users.
If, in fact, I create one via “system” type form. All users will receive it and, in the case of the user cited above, in the notifications screen he will now see the welcome (exclusive) and the system (sent to all).

This is the logic.

Is this supposed to be motivational to me helping you?

Good luck in building your notifications. There are many ways to achieve it :+1:

This means that I don’t know how to do it or what I did could do better!

Nothing offensive for you.
Stay well, boy.

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