Interstitial Ad On App Launch

Hi everyone!

Does anyone know how to create an interstitial ad on opening of the app? Kind of like a splash screen but using an interstitial ad…

For example, a user opens the app then the interstitial ad runs fullscreen for a few seconds before launching to the home screen. I’ve seen this done on apps like “TheScore” (Sports News and Scores app).

Thanks in advance!

Hi @TrZd,

You can add a screen and add a component like image to show the Ad and then you can make that screen as the Home screen and add a countdown that links to the real home screen. And then everytime the user close the all and opens the app again he/she should see that screen and then go to the real home screen.

If this not fixed like you need to show random ads from a collection then you can generate a number and show a list of ads filtered with that number. You need a id for your ads in the ads collection too.

Check this thread : Showing a screen at startup only

Hope this helps!

Thank you

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You rock @dilon_perera as always!! :smiley:

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