Interstitial Image view

Hello there!

I am making a eCommerce apps with adalo. it’s have wonderful feature and tutorial here it’s amazing.

Now come to the main topic. I want to show a full screen image (Like interstitial ad) after splash screen. but when I want to show image from database there are showing only logged in user (active) but other collection (database) are inactive. Can someone help me out?

You could create a collection item of ‘ads’, each with an image and then when you log in go to a page with a full-page list, showing just 1 ad, and put an image in that list and stretch it to the edges of the screen.

If you wanted to, you could add a link for a button etc. If you want to show a different ad next time, add a one-to-many relationship of Ads to Users (call it ‘Last Ad’) and when the user clicks on ‘next’ or ‘dismiss’ (whatever you choose to take the user to the next page), have it set the Logged In User’s last ad to ‘Current Ad’.

Then set the list up so that it shows an ad from the collection which isn’t the Current User’s last ad…

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Thanks for your valuable suggestion. But there is not mandatory to login for the very first time if user want to buy something then they have to login or signup. and I have a collection name interstitial but after login or without login I can’t add the interstitial table.