👋 Introduce yourself!

Hi, I’m Alan.

I’m an American, though I’ve lived on a remote beach in Brazil for 13 years. I’ve managed the development of 20+ mobile apps and several web apps from the beach for international clients with team members from many different countries.

I’m evaluating Adalo for future app development, hoping to learn the strengths and limitations of Adalo, and to find design/development partners.


:world_map: currently Austin, but soon to be the San Juan Islands, WA.
:hammer_and_pick: building apps for clients
:partying_face: 2nd career no-coder and big UFC fan
:bird: https://twitter.com/therickmanolo


I would love to make coding a history, nothing but a scheduled security and update controls use for it, everyone should have a digital canvas and put their ideas out. Some of us are good at making it look good, some easy to use, some make it viral, some port it to different platforms, some make something new out of that idea as a base. We are all one and together we stand divided we fall.

:cake: INTRO :
:world_map: I’m from Samsun, Turkey right next to the Black Sea, However lived in HK for 2 years and SF, CA for another 2 while studying. I have travelled around 20 countries and had months of stays to explore cultures.
:hammer_and_pick: I am working on being creative, trying to come up with ideas, test, sketch repeat both in my digital work and physical product design
:partying_face: I was born a month early cuz I am not wasting a second of life

:bird: SOCIAL :
:camera_flash: @abdulhamidozturk - Instagram
:briefcase: /in/abdulhamidozturk - LinkedIn

You can reach me if you want using the platforms above, I don’t mind chatting and befriending a stranger :slight_smile: Feel free yo,

In Peace,

Abdülhamid Öztürk


I’m Duncan, nice to meet you all! I’m a freelance writer and content marketer from the U.K but based in Korea.
I’m using Adalo to build an app I first thought up about three years ago, but only realized would be possible to make when I discovered No-Code.
Everything’s going smoothly so far and I’m super pleased with the features! But I’m sure you’ll see me in the help section when it comes time to get serious about databases :sweat_smile:
Here’s my Twitter profile.


Hi Jesse and all,
I got an email telling me to introduce myself so here I am. I will patiently await my reward of a funny meme.

I’m based in Northern Virginia
What’ I’m working on: Not sure what I’m working on yet. I saw a bunch of demos of no code at PMI and I’m getting familiar with them. Maybe a habit tracker for my kids as a good test case. We’ll see.
Fun fact: I grew up in Chattanooga, so I know where Cookeville is.
My social media is in a sad state right now so I’ll pass on this one.


Hey all!

Jesse emailed me and demanded I introduce myself, so here I am :wink:

I’m Max, a jack-of-all type living near Seattle. I’m using Adalo to build an app for mushroom cultivators.

Very impressed by this young platform and can’t wait to see how the it develops/until I don’t have to use so many workarounds.



Extremely happy to say Hi to Everyone!

:world_map: my heart based in Ukraine, currently am in Netherlands
:hammer_and_pick: am working on creating clean and deep documentations - its an Art for me.
:partying_face: I like to run towards my fears (this is how I try anything new in my life)
:bird: You can find me here
just wave at me and let’s share or create impressive things.


Hello I’m Abdulazeez

:world_map: I’m from Iraq.
:hammer_and_pick: I’m working on an app that provide online courses for medical students.
:partying_face: I’m a medical student but I aspire to be a developer in the future!


Hi! my names kamya im a graphic designer and im kinda new tomaking apps my app im making so far is coming out good im also from new jersey and i love art!


Hello everyone! I’m Anna and I’m really excited to join you here. I’m UX/UI Designer and NoCode Developer :hugs::blush:

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hello chat
I’m Vanja
Jesse Haywood invited me here

ADELO has become an indispensable framework for me to create applications for my friends’ children
training cycles, daily tasktracker reminders, internal family chats, team chats


Hi everyone!

Originally from the UK but now based in Italy

Crypto enthusiast with a marketing background now looking to collaborate with app developers

Funding available!


Hello, I’m Jeanine. I’m quite new to Adalo.
I’m living and working in Curacao, Dutch Caribbean.
I’m trying to learn how to make apps here at Adalo.
I’m a freelance graphic designer and website designer.
I’m a Snoopy fan, have three cats and watching Netflix is my guilty pleasure :grin:
Hope to learn as much as I can here.
Thank you for having me!


Hii Everyone! :wave:

I’m Paula ! I’m new to Adalo. I came from an email. We can be friends on twitter here.

I live in Bogotá. Colombia.

I’m currently working on upgrading my portfolio.

Bye! :v:


Hello everyone, I’m Santiago CEO of @kurepa.designs… we develop apps, innovate, create experiences and we have the Kurepa Lab where we help you create the idea.

We are passionate about optimizing processes for business, to save time and money!
We use adalo for quick projects with prices adapted to everyone!

We can help you with ADALO or Create your IDEA … We speak Spanish and English

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Hi Everyone

:world_map: I’m based in Bordeaux (France :wine_glass:)
:hammer_and_pick: I’m an actor (what the hell am I doing here :whale:)
:partying_face: I’ll let you know later…

I’ve discovered Adalo few days ago, and I’m having so good fun with !
Can’t wait to progress :slight_smile:

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Hello, my name’s Desireé!

I currently live in the DC/Maryland area in America and am studying in Tennessee as an Ecology major.

I joined Adalo to try and design/make an app that tracks how much time an individual spends on projects. I believe if someone sees how much they contribute to a personal project from an overall standpoint, they won’t be discouraged if their project isn’t as developed as they’d hoped. I hope to share this with others, but the idea struck me as a way to help myself first :sweat_smile:

A fun fact about me is that despite studying science, I am also an artist. I’ve always had a hand in both areas since I was little. My go to mediums are good old fashion pencil and paper and digital.

Sms: Login • Instagram (art page)

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