Introducing FailFast

My team has been using Adalo for months now, and has cooked up a whole bunch of apps. We just had our first approvail - FailFast! This app allows teams, in a closed group, to document failures in work, but more importantly, to document lessons learned from those failures. All part of the effort my company takes towards “organizational betterment”. It is available both at the App Store (iOS) and at Google Play (Android).
Thanks for the great support in getting through the submission process to the wonderful Ashley at Adalo.

Hi @tkasenberg.

Sounds interesting, but I coundnt find on the store. Could you post the direct app links for Play & iOS both? Thanks

I found it easily at the App Store. For Google Play, it seems like the advice given about some of the naming fields in the app submission process may negatively influence findability. I am not sure if I’ve got this right, but here is a link to the app at Google Play via the web: I could only find it by typing at the app store - that particular naming structure being in the instructions for how to name things provided by Adalo.