Heads up Adalo!

I have been trying to do this in many ways, but its impossible. I recommend adalo to start working on web-app features as its really annoying who phone users/big PC users sees it playing around the screen, Me and many has brought this topic up, but its been more than a month. What I am trying to say is that web-app needs to be fixed, as I want to unleash my activity, plus others too, so if you guys have any tickets I could put for voting, or anything to bring the update out would be great!

I fully understand that its hard to make a update, but I am not talking on it to be finished, just be started thinking about adding the update…

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Adding to that, If you don’t understand what I mean, I mean when I add stuff around screen for webapp, its squashes the buttons and stuff.

I made small example…

Thats how I want it to be…

Thats what it does for phone users.

If you want tips Here is what to do, instead of squashing Try making it become smaller in size. OR Make users choose how they want the website to be in phone emulator, and phone is in the same stuff but different, and phone webapp is different that PC one, like what Wix have.

I get you, I am with you on this. All my customers complained how the responsiveness is not good. What I did for now, is recreated the backend using another app maker, unfortunately for now, has to be this way.

I should quit adalo for now, to make a new website?

Depends on the features you need, I use 3 different APP builders and they all have different features for my different apps. You can use Retool or UI Bakery for Back office in Desktop. I am building mine in UI Bakery.

Yeah, I will try them until adalo fix their webapp.

Check also UI Bakery, it is cheaper. Although building with Retool is much easier in my opinion.

Wow topic was closed, either ways hopefully adalo fixes webapp.

UI Bakery allows frontend and backend and both pwa/mobile. Retool is more just for backoffice. But they both have User Management.